Day 1: Explanation of my game-idea and what I've done so far

My game will be about one room and an invasion of goblins, who try to turn this lovely, clean room into a mess. The player will be controlling our main character, Mr. Clean, who tries to stop this invasion by goblins for as long as possible by getting rid of them with a single weapon. The projectiles fired by this weapon consist almost entirely of washing powder. Anways, the goblins will thoughout the game enter through three seperate doors into the room where our Mr. Clean resides. They will constantly moving around, stopping, making a mess and such. Mr. Clean has got a broom to clean up the mess they create, but once the room becomes to messy Mr. Clean (and the player) has lost the game.

The longer the game lasts, the more goblins will enter in a given time. Also, I plan on limiting the max. amount of goblins to 10-20 at a time. If there are more goblins in the room than this upper limit, the player has lost aswell.

So far I am almost (at least to my knowledge) done with the graphics. I will now move on to the coding in order to get a first playable test-version where the player can move around, shoot and clean the room. After that I intend to add the mechanics for the goblins. I guess that this will be the most difficult and challenging part of my project.