New layout

Looking good! long time coming

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It's still a work in progress, but it's a bit more modern, yes :)

I think discussion would look good using the layout of google groups
A big personal thanks from me to mauve for his work on the PyWeek code :)
Good, clean, simple. I like the page with all the diaries in one place.
like the new layout.. cant wait to see it finished.. good job man!
There's a bit of a problem with the mobile version on some archaic devices running Opera Mobile (Nokia E52). The menu is locked to the upper edge, but the menu is too big to fit the screen, so when trying to scroll down to later positions in the list (Discussion, Rules) the menu moves away and it is very hard to click them.
thanks mauve! looking good so far.

Looks really tidy, thanks! One question though: How do conversations on diary entries happen now? Say I comment on a diary entry. How do I notice that there is an answer? (In the old layout I would look at, and see that the diary entry is back at the top, and I am no longer the last commenter. But diary entries are not on anymore.)

Thanks for any tips!

Hm, also looks like the last commenter is not displayed on either. I'll just keep refreshing this page then :).
Yeah, I'll sort that out at some point. Also it would help if we could distinguish visited links from unvisited. Turns out Bootstrap doesn't have a visited link colour by default.