Two persons told us there is not a good connection between our game and the theme. One of these put a tick in the cheating box. In my opinion the theme has not to be something so strictly that limited you but something that give you some inspiration. For someone the 8-bit graphic is not enough? At least you could read our description of the game to find further connection.

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There was quite a bit of a discussion about that here as well
thank you :-)

metulburr: I think you're confused in that reddit thread. A DQ doesn't count a 1, 1, 1. It only affects the rating if the number of DQs gets to 50% (the you can't win); but the scores add up anyway even if DQ is set.

Actually anybody rating 1, 1, 1 + DQ is a reason to complain (unless the entry deserves that 1, 1, 1).

That said, I think some comments are unnecessarily harsh (specially the one that refers to the team and the collision detection). Well, that happens more or less every PyWeek. Don't take them too seriously.

I left the collision detection comment. I really like Forked Tail's games and I think they're underappreciated overall, mostly because of this one issue. I particularly thought that their game Nemesis (PyWeek 16) was really impressive, but most people gave up because of the controls and collision detection, and it wound up getting a much lower score than it should have.

Anyway, I meant the comment as constructive criticism, but I can see how it comes across as harsh. Sorry about that!

It's easy to misunderstand (and also being misunderstood!). Also for some of us English is not our first language (I don't even know if the first sentence in this paragraph makes any sense at all! hehe).

Personally I've found very interesting chatting in the IRC channel about the theme, games, votes and comments. It's a reminder that we are all people :)

I know a DQ doesnt result in a 1,1,1. I am more referring to the reviews of a rating of 1,1,1 with a DQ, with a message just saying "theme?" or something else relevant to the theme. I recall quite a few responses like this in multiple games. Reading them comes off as the reviewer played just enough to consider the game not to the follow the theme, and gave it a DQ because of it, along with a 1,1,1. The DQ would make sense, but not the 1,1,1. If they mentioned in their message that the 1,1,1 was because the game really was, it wouldn't of sounded like they gave it a 1,1,1 just because of the theme. Or it sounds like they didnt want to rate it, that they only gave a review to just give them a DQ. Its not constructive criticism at all. Yeah, i can surely understand how a message can be misinterpreted. English is my only language. Text messages and facebook reponses are a good example of how messages can mean something completely different just because you cannot decipher the tone of the words said. The tone alone can change a derogatory statement to a joking knock of the elbow.
wow, i had that formatted in nice paragraphs to separate thought, but i guess you have to include the
? Weird.

metulburr: OK, now I understand. Voting a three 1s with a DQ is definitely not fair.

Well if the game in their eyes deserved it, then so be it.

I think all the competitive strict themed folks should read pyweeks founder message on reddit.

FWIW it's always been my intention that the theme be interpreted as loosely as an entrant wishes - it's there for inspiration, mostly.

Since PyWeek doesn't offer prizes the incentive to cheat is really, really low :)

I've thought about removing the DQ thing altogether. No-one has ever come close to being disqualified in the 18 times the challenge has run.