Bits of Eight - Day 1

We came out of theme voting with an idea about circuit boards, but a lengthy discussion on Google Hangouts lead us to attempting a piratical adventure we're calling "Bits of Eight" (like Pieces of Eight, get it?)

We have a few bits and pieces to show already, including a first render of the pirate ship (which bobs to and fro in the water):

We are hoping to integrate the luscious ocean water implementation from here (and that it will be performant enough).

Meanwhile we're working on the more detailed mechanics which will involve resource management within your ship. This is the schematic view (drawn to match the Blender model):

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Yay! Pirates! :)
Lookin good :)
Awesome! I'm also going for the pirates' pieces of eight interpretation, but my ship is not going to look nearly that pretty or customizable. :)
Yeah, but we've been very ambitious in our ideas and who knows whether it'll turn out fun? No doubt yours will be brilliant once again, Cosmologicon :-)
Nice concept. Looking forward to the execution! Isn't the hold a little small though? Not much room fer plunder or booty, or plunder'd booty, if ye know what I mean, har har!