Day #1: Game Concept

"8-bit" theme won. Not sure If I like it or not.

Today, I only thought about game idea/gameplay and did no actual work. So, the idea itself:

My game will use 8-bit graphics (I've never draw 8-bit stuff -- so it is going to be interesting), but this is not the main place where I am planning to use 8-bit theme. I am planing to create game where You control robot by turning on/off 1 bit flags. There will be 8 flags total (naturally):

1000 0000 Moving forward
0100 0000 Rotating left (I am not planning to allow players to rotate right)
0010 0000 Visibility sensors on/off
0001 0000 Red visibility sensor
0000 1000 Green visibility sensor
0000 0100 Blue visibility sensor
0000 0010 Shooting if visibility sensor "sees" same color as RGB flags
0000 0001 Shield against enemies

My biggest fear -- it is going to be too much to swallow in one week.

I've done some 8-bit painting using GIMP:

- 0 flag
- 1 flag
- Non-functional flags
- Player
- Colored gates

(Sorry, for broken English).

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Pretty good start at your art!