is now HTTPS-secured

This has been a long time coming, and required moving to a whole new VM to make it happen. Hopefully the impact on you, the people who just want to play along, will be non-existent. One big change is that I'm no longer supporting "" as a host name. Too much stupid HTTP server config to keep that going. All accesses to that domain will be redirected to Additionally, accesses to HTTP:// should also be redirected, and HSTS has been enabled to keep you on the HTTPS site in the future. Any questions, feel free to ask here or email me (see the footer of every page on the site). A huge thanks to for providing a new VM to migrate to so I could get this all going, and shuck off the ancient version of Ubuntu that I'd been running for *years*.

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Oh, yeah, so the rich-text editor is now dead as it doesn't appear to generate HTTPS links to the implementation JS. I'll look into that tomorrow. Maybe it's time to just use Markdown?
Yes, that would be great. Anything but *that* RTF widget, please! :)
Thanks Richard - site seems much snappier too :)
Well done Richard. BTW, the WYSIWYG editor doesn't work on Android, which is a real pain when most of my Internet access is on mobile (except when I'm doing Real Programming). So please don't bring it back.
Yeah, haven't had any time to hack in something new yet though, sorry!
The markdown idea is excellent, I can help! (if you want/need help)
Thanks so much for fixing this, Richard!
Thanks for making the web a little more secure! :)