While brainstorming about the sort of things I could do this time around without having an artist, the idea of 3D wireframes came to mind.

Out of curiosity, how many people have 3D glasses readily available (the red and blue cellophane kind)? I'm trying to gauge whether or not relying on this would make a game unplayable for a large portion of pyweekers. 

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I think I have one of these glasses around. It could be an interesting game, but it's true that not many people will have the glasses :(
I also have one under my keyboard, but if they are required to play (can't play without them) then it's a bad idea. Keep in mind that many people get a headache after 10 or 15 minutes, so it's no good for a longer game.
Since I won't have my usual team around this time to do something on the scale I normally do, I'd like to use the opportunity to do a more casual PyWeek to do investigative/experimental stuff that isn't intended to be competitive. So the more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to do this anyway.

What I could do is just have an extra mode where only one side of the view is rendered in black instead of red/blue/whatever so as to not prevent a sizable group of people from being able to play at all.
Sounds great, though I don't know if I have any anaglyph glasses either. If people know about it ahead of time, there are a number of sites online that will mail you a free pair. Search for free analygph glasses.

Definitely include a 2d mode. Also, if your gameplay area is narrow enough, some people can do crossview rather easily, so you might consider having a mode where the two channels are rendered in separate gameplay areas side-by-side.         
For what it's worth, I think Intestinvaders! had an undocumented command-line switch to enable anaglyph 3d. I don't remember whether the rendering code survived intact all the way through to release, though.
Looks like I'm going to have to shelve the 3D idea for another PyWeek. It has become increasingly clear that I'm not going to have any time next week and so I'll be missing my first PyWeek since Wibbly Wobbly. :(
That's too bad Blake.
Yeah :(