Eclipsed - gameplay footage

I managed to make a gameplay video by modifying an old script of mine. Check it out on YouTube, if you want to see what the game looks like:

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I have some difficult to finish the last level, any tips?
It's been a while since I've played it, but let's see. You need a good number of removal centers to keep from getting overwhelmed, so get some R-sats into orbit as soon as you can. I liked hooking up 4 or 5 removers to one booster. That's an easy way to cover a large area. Don't worry about building out to a point. Go ahead and place the buildings wherever you want them, then use relays to connect them to the grid. Relays are also good for redundancy if a building gets destroyed. Having a couple repair centers is helpful, but you don't need a ton of these.

Remember, there's no final cutscene. Sorry about that!
thank you, i will try. :-)
Just one question - how did you manage to even design the levels in just one week and just one person? Your game is the greatest mystery of the whole contest, I just don't get it... It's too superb :D