Moon Expedition With A Lunar Rover

I'm having difficulty with level 1. I drive around, use the radar and see some red dots, fire the weapon. I obviously fell asleep during lunar rover training. =)

Any hints would be appreciated.

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Hey gummbum,

these "red dots" can be any object, whether it is an enemy or a sample.  The radar doesn't show you that.  If I am not mistaken, in level 1, they should represent the samples you have to collect ;).

Since I was in a bit of a time-rush, I guess I just forgot to mention that in the help; sorry about that.

Oh, and the "samples" one has to collect in a level, are shown as a kind of "purple patch" in the game.  I forgot to mention that aswell.

I hope this has somehow helped you.
Hi. Thanks for the response. I'm cruising around and over the red dots, but there doesn't seem to be anything there. Got a tip?
Hey gummbum,

this sounds strange.  Sounds like a bug.
The lunar rover is centered on the radar, but actually not displayed in the radar.  So basicly, if a red dot is in the center of the radar, then you'd be above it with the lunar rover, and if it is a sample, collect it.

Would you please tell me what system you're trying this game on?  Does anything happen to the "Samples" Counter?

I hope we can get this solved.

That got me going. I mistook the spiral in the radar display for the location of the rover. Thanks!