Mischief Moon

I have some difficult to complete the level 14, any suggestions?

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I'm having difficulty with level 1. I drive around, use the radar and see some red dots, fire the weapon. I obviously fell asleep during lunar rover training. =)
Oops, I got the wrong game. Please ignore my post.
This is a very nicely made game, I like it a lot. I especially love the expressions of robot Glenn :) The music gives a nice ambiance.

The pausing during animation of doors is a bit sticky, but luckily does not interfere with puzzle solving much. For future interest you can solve this by creating an animated Sprite class that updates its current image from a list of frames. Here is an extract from another game of mine that does this: http://pastebin.com/pLTJEiZW

Good work I love it!
circusblatta, level 14 is actually pretty simple to solve.

I will give the solution here and wil try make the font color white so you will need to highlight it to read it so I hope it does not show for anyone else who do not want to see it, so...

** spoiler alert **

open the door for the 3rd robot arm, that is the lowest robot to the screen bottom. then break the pipe. both Glenn and the arm will run to fix it, and you can sneak through while they scuttle for repairs.
ok, thank you
yeah, level 14 almost made me throw my keyboard into my monitor, but the soft music kept me cool.
Next stop: level 18. I think I'm supposed to shepherd all three of them on one side, so I can get a proper leak started on the other side. But I cannot get Glenn to go in :(.