Sneak: Post-comp update no. 1

While incorporating the convert_alpha patch, I discovered to my embarrassment that a bug in my event loop was causing it to try to render flat out, instead of just once per frame. It seems likely that this was the source of at least some of the speed problems people have had.

I've just posted an update (version 0.5) that fixes this along with the convert_alpha. I'd be interested for anyone who was having trouble to try this version and tell me whether it works any better for them.

I've also added an option (-s) to specify the frame rate. The default is 20, but if you still have speed problems, or you find the controls too sensitive, you could try reducing it. (I'll try to find a better solution to the control problem later).

There are some other options, too -- see the README for details.

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The convert_alpha() helps significantly. The pygame.event.wait() + timer could be replaced by pygame.time.Clock(). Example:
import pygame
FPS = 20
clock = pygame.time.Clock()
while 1:
  print "elapsed:", clock.get_time()
fidlej wrote:

> The convert_alpha() helps significantly.

Enough to make it playable for you?

> The pygame.event.wait() + timer could be replaced by pygame.time.Clock()

Would there be any advantage in that? I still need to handle the other events somehow.