Thanks, everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the nice ratings they gave me. This was my first attempt at entering a PyWeek, and I wasn't expecting to rank so highly!

Second, I'm really sorry that it seems to have had speed problems on so many people's machines. It wasn't straining my development system (a not-particularly-recent dual 1GHz PPC) so it never occurred to me that average present-day machines wouldn't cope with it. Seems I was wrong, or maybe a substantial percentage of pygamers are using older hardware.

I didn't learn about the convert-alpha trick until after the deadline, or I would probably have used it. I'll definitely use it next time (yes, like Voldemort, I intend to come back...) Also probably set myself a limit of maybe 10% cpu on my system, to allow plenty of headroom.

Also I fully agree that the controls could do with some work, although I can imagine it would have been hugely worse if you were having framerate problems at the same time. I did try to implement Richard's acceleration suggestion about 2 hours before the deadline, but I had problems with it and decided to spend the time on what seemed like more important things, such as another level. I'll see what I can do about it in a post-comp update.

Responses to some individual comments:

> Couldn't find an ending.

That's probably because there isn't one. :-) Another thing that I didn't have time for. You just have to decide when you've found all the info and stop playing.

I'm open to suggestions on what the ending should be. Maybe making your way up to the roof where you get whisked away by an (unmarked, of course) InfoSneak Inc. helicopter?

> Some music would't be wrong..

True, but my composing skills are even worse than my artistic ones, so I'd need to find some that was freely stealable... again, I'm open to suggestions.

> The level often becomes unsolvable after returing from capture.

Quite likely, yes. That part needs some more thought. Maybe add some extra batteries when returning or something.

> If someone handn't told me about the open window I never would've got into the building.

Yes, that was perhaps a bit obscure. I was thinking of having a message you could find that gave you a hint, but again, not enough time.

> after being caught, that char always walks left automatically

Hadn't noticed that one -- must be forgetting to reset the current action or something.

> I couldn't figure out how to get past the receptionist without bribing the guard though.

There's a clue to that in the instructions...

> Well, the game seems sort of like prince of persia, except for the swordfights. Where are the swordfights?

Well, I did say *kind* of PoP-like. Swordfights wouldn't really fit into the theme. :-) Maybe hand-to-hand combat with spies from rival organisations...?

> The multicolor lasers also don't seem to work perfectly - I had all my cloak batteries on, but still got caught on some of them.

Your cloaks have to be set to exactly the same colour as the beam in order to get past it. Otherwise it would be too easy -- just turn on all cloaks regardless of the beam colour. (The lasers are more discerning than human vision in this respect. Probably should mention that in the help.)

Thanks once again,

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It really was a great game, and full of potential. Indeed, just sneaking to the helipad to be whisked away sounds like a great end of level! With a little variety in other things to avoid ... how about automated robotic systems that either capture you or shoot you (instakill?) and are avoided using the same colour system as the lasers....