Nemesis Card buggy?

Whenever I drag a card from one place to another, my browser follows the link to the card's image, and I have to use the Back button to return to the playing area. Then, the cards in my hand are invisible until I click on a draw pile.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just my antiquated Firefox (4.0.1) playing up?

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the same happens to me (firefox 20.0.1)
I'm not even able to see the cards. The outlines of the cards are there, but the images aren't. Moving my mouse over them gives me an alt text stating the image file, so I'm not sure what the problem could be.

However, trying it on a different computer seems to fix the problem... It could just be your browser? I used chrome for both computers. I guess you can just see what happens on different systems and browsers; it may fix the problem.
It's okay in Safari. Looks like Firefox is doing something weird.
I only really tested it in Chrome and a little bit in Firefox. There is every reason to expect it won't work well in most versions of IE.

But if modern Firefox versions are following an img tag as though it were a link, they are wrong.

In my defence, I really didn't want to spend too much time fire-fighting Javascript problems in a Python games contest :)
Aha.  It seems Firefox is treating an image drop anywhere on the page as a request to open that image in the window.

This is countered by adding:
as the last line of the move_drop and discard_drop functions in data/static/play_ui.js.

Sorry about that. I think all my Firefox testing was done before I implemented the drag-n-drop stuff.