Well, I didn't very far. Certainly a lot of development happened in the last frenzied hours. 

PyInstaller didn't work on windows with pygame. Wasted hours trying to get that work. Not that I expected much from windows, or python packaging. I ended up using someone's py2exe script. It worked fine on linux though. 

So much stuff got missed out, proper collision hulls, collisions between entities, sound beyond the fireballs, actual gameplay, proper controls...

If only the rules didn't require you to start from scratch. Re-implementing things I've already done was a huge pain. Either that, or not having a life-sucking full-time job. If you are going to try 'playing' it, I'd suggest using a gamepad, as effort behind mouse + keyboard was mostly dropped as soon as I got that working.

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I don't have a gamepad. How do you shoot fireballs using the mouse or keyboard?
I have the same problem
As fas as I can see, there isn't any.

I hacked in keyboard support for fireballs (on l) so I could see what they looked like by editing

---    2013-04-21 11:45:30.000000000 +0200
+++    2013-04-24 10:10:30.000000000 +0200
@@ -197,6 +197,14 @@
             elif event.key == K_p:
       , self))
+            elif event.key == K_l:
+                tx = + self.cross.rect.x - self.player.entity.pos.x
+                ty = + self.cross.rect.y - self.player.entity.pos.y
+                if tx == 0 and ty == 0: tx = 1
+                self.entities.append(entity.make_fireball(self,
+                                                          self.player.entity.pos.x,
+                                                          self.player.entity.pos.y,
+                                                          tx, ty))
             elif event.key == K_F12:
                 for i in range(200):
                     filename = 'screenshot{}.png'.format(i)