Warlocks - Day 4

Day 4 and the first diary entry? I'm normally good at diarising progress, but I wasn't here on Sunday so perhaps it threw me off my game a bit.

So to catch up - the last 2 nights have been spent modelling and animating a wizard dude. Tonight was spent playing with particle effects with lepton. Lepton's OpenGL renderer didn't work properly for me when I wrote Doctor Korovic, which is why I wrote a crappy pure-Python renderer. This time round it's much more important, so I dug into the C code to fix it properly. I discovered it has a bug on 64-bit architectures (my patch is here, I have submitted it via the lepton google group too but the message doesn't seem to have appeared yet).

Anyway, without further ado, today's screenshots:

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So stylish, as always!