Day #3

Yesterday, Site threw up 500 on me. So, I will post yesterday's update today.

Yey – movies:

What's done:
- Same colour circles eat each other
- Different colour circles bounce each other
- Multiple resolution support. So, I can put this game into fullscreen mode.

What I really need:
- Player interaction with balls
- Figure out how to win/lose (this one will be hard)

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Your video doesn't seem to play, youtube says it's 0:01 long
The video works here (25 secs). Looks great in fact, I like the circles interactions!
The circles sucking into each other looks great, the bounces look a bit funny, mabye get some kind of inertia thing going.
Very lovely color choices. I'm curious to see how this shapes up!
Good idea. Now it is constant movement for all circles.

Thanks. I've used for colours. My biggest fear: I have no clue how to make it feel like a game. And not just circles bouncing simulation.