Thank you...

To every one who helped finish our game, especially:
Rabidpoobear - for the needle on the sonar
Richard - for all of the loose ends he provided suggestions/answers for
And for everyone else who helped us with play-testing and/or help.

Our sound effects were primarily from
And the great in-game music was from

As this was our first real attempt at pyweek(I was in the last one but with another team and I didnt do much) or any other compo, I am greatly pleased with how well the game turned out.

It will be fun playing the rest of the games now that it is all over.

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Forgot something :/
You can pause the game with the p key.
And all keys/fullscreen are configurable in the config file.
Yes, thank you thank you to everyone that helped out or even just kept me company on the irc channel while I was up working late on graphics :)

I just thought I'd also point out that I created the menu music too (one of my first attempts at mod tracking)

Wheee.. time to play everyone elses games! Fun!
Cool that you made the music too, instead of just taking it somewhere in the net :)

In my opinion, doing it yourself is the whole point of the competition, though rules don't say so ;D