This was unexpected...

So I just remembered the Pyweek judging was over and I momentarily stepped off from my day-to-day craziness to see how things went. Wow. I was very surprised to see my game on top. I guess I should definitely try going minimal more often.

I expected to get a lot of people saying it was hard, since it's complicated to calibrate a puzzle game when you know the solution, and I thought they looked hard. I'm happy to see that didn't happen. I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it. Now I'm even tempted to port it to mobile (though I don't expect to have much free time any time soon, not this year at least :( ).

Thanks for all the comments! Sorry for the lack of saving: I didn't have time to implement it, but I think you'd agree with me that having a reasonable amount levels is more important that saving. :)

Ok, back to my crazy routine. Thanks a lot everyone!

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Yep, well done Tee!
Note that the PyGame subset for android is *trivial* to work with...
Thanks for the reference. :) I may take a look at it later.
You can now officially call yourself the world champion Python games programmer (This is how I have referred to myself for the past few months ;-).