Missing help images

Due to some last-minute scrambling on our part, the 'help' option of the game doesn't work, because we changed the name of the help files. To see the two help files (as well as some screenshots), please click here.

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Even after looking at these, I don't get it. What is a "building splatter" and how do I cause one?

The only thing I seem to be able to do is make the smileys go out on the road and get run over.

Translations for all the death types:
  • Hit and runs: smileys get run over by a car
  • Building splatters: spring a smiley into a building hard enough that the smiley dies
  • Train splatters: a smiley gets run over by a train
  • Sent into the heavens: spring a smiley off the screen
  • Car crashes: two (or more) cars crash into each other
  • Cars crushed by train: car gets hit by train