How upset would you guys be...

If I participated by making an html5/canvas video game instead of python?

I would expect to get disqualified, of course, but would hope to get good feedback and ability to participate in the community / discussion.

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Uh... yeah I'd vote to disqualify you.

I'm actually pretty interested in HTML5 canvas games. I've entered three in Ludum Dare so far. But this is the python game programming challenge. There are other game competitions if you don't want to use python.
I believe you can enter a web-based game as long as most of the logic is server-side.
Yeah, let me amend my post to say that I'm comfortable with some JavaScript, as long as the majority of the logic is in python.
Yeah, it is supposed to be the Python game programming challenge :-) There's other jams out there if you want to do non-Python jamming.
I would play the game, though.
Well I do believe there are ways out there to write web apps, client and server, entirely in python.