Earlier this day I was walking down the room, flexing my biceps and half-screaming: "I am god of python!"... Because for a while I was co-winner of this pyweek... Thanks for misunderstanding in calculations...

Realization that I am at third place was best ego reducing therapy in last year, I think...

And third place is wonderful too. I remember playing "Mechanism" or "The FInal Huzzah" and thinking: "damn -- my game sucks...".

Things I have learned:

- I not am a god of python...
- Art is important
- The only things I can paint are simple geometric figures
- Music is important
- Do not fear to erase all progress and start over (Dinosaurs and Santa Clauses...)
- It is sad but it is safer (less DNW) to make game with pygame than with pyglet
- pyglet is still awesome
- I have trick you (players) with best scores to think my game is better than it is...


I need to go mobile for sure. Controls are perfect for touch screen. I need to port this game to android and maybe HTML5. I have no mac or idevice -- so no iOS port.

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Sorry about the ratings stuff-up. Congratulations on rating so well though!
Yeah, exactly it is wonderful ratings. I was not expecting to be at third place. I was expecting to be somewhere in the middle.