Music is done

Hi, I wanted to make an update this time too :).

The music is done, maybe except for some minor changes. The style is a bit similar to Trip on the Funny Boat (if anyone remembers), but you could call it somewhat mysterious. I think I'm pretty pleased with it, though I can't say how it fits the game.

I always have the same problems when writing game music. For example, the music shouldn't have too much repetition but not too much variation either so the atmosphere doesn't break. Also it shouldn't steal the player's attention from the game but it shouldn't be boring in any way.

Another problem is that when you've listened to a song for three hours (which it took this time), you won't love it, no matter what. Actually, you get so numb that it's hard to judge what's good and what's bad. So you can only guess what other people may think of it. This time it was especially difficult because the music is somewhat repetitive, in a good way, I hope.

Bad news is that Hectigo has become ill. Because I'm not a coder in this project, I can only hope everything will be fine (the game isn't very playable yet) and help with testing and game design.