Day 1: Just idea

Theme is "Mad Science". Dam... Tough one...

I spent half-day trying to think of idea for this challenge. Below is what I have managed to think of. It is going to be RTS.

Main problems:

- I need art. I am doing solo, so I need to paint them myself.
- AI. I need to make computer play RTS against human. I have never done that before.
- Fight field. Should I make it with squares? Should I make it with hexagons? Decisions, decisions. And implementation...
- Time limit. Maybe this is too much for me?


RTS (Similar to Heroes of M&M fighting mode)


Angry Ninjas and Santa Clauses suddenly came from another dimension. They attacked our planet. These sneaky killers... It must be stopped!

The most respective scientists have been summoned to solve unsolvable puzzle: "How to stop this madness?". After a lot lot calculations only one solutions was proposed.

The only hope for humanity is to construct robotized army of dinosaurs. You will be general who will lead this army to defend our planet. You are our only hope!