ToDo List

Result of brainstorming session. Obviously only a few of these will get done in the time remaining...

* Safety rails on the fire escapes

* Doors in side walls

* Stairways

* Make the lab colour scheme suck less

* Mixed colour beams, use shield combo to get past them

* Multi-level lifts

* Guards that chase you when alarm sounds, use white shield to evade them

* Make objects sit on the benches instead of the floor

* Objects hidden in cupboards, safes, computer files; keys, combinations, passwords to find

* Upload terminals to cash in on the info you've found

* Levels larger than a screen

* Reveal parts of level as explored instead of all at once

* Saving of games

* A way for the game to finish when you've found all the info

- Reception/office area?
- Split lab into electronic/chemistry areas?

* More furniture and props:
- Lab equipment - chemistry, electronic
- Computers
- Office desks, shelves, books
- Bathroom fittings

Aargh! From too few ideas to far too many, in just a few days... can we make it a 2 week competition next time? :-)

Right, enough time frittered, back to coding...