Most of the day I rewrote a large part of the tile rendering. I did try to optimize some rendering without any success, but I found out that 3200x1200 is no good even for windowed OpenGL-apps with my video card.

New stuff:
Reading levels from file
A World object
Triggers for scripts

New bugs:
Oops, didn't see this problem with alpha and rendering order before. I need to render some stuff in correct order. I know how to do it, but I need to sleep now. There's also a slight coordinate confusion..

No music or sounds done. To few models for the my idea.. I'll guess I will have to be creative.

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Has anyone managed to play this successfully? It seems I need to open a door, and I have a key, but there are two black squares in front of the door that I can't walk over, so I can't get to the door itself. Getting as close as I can and using the key doesn't do anything.
I've gotten past the door, yes. Not much further than that, though, not that I'm sure there IS much further than that.
If you have everything in your inventory(6 items) then just walk around all of the rooms you can and try to use each item.

Thats all the spoiler I'll give without gly saying I can give the "actual" spoiler ;)
Okay, I got it. Seems like the black squares weren't a bug as I thought at first, but a deliberate obstacle. Would perhaps be better if they didn't look so glitch-like.