I Can't Continue - I'm Finished with this One

I'm exhausted. I've tried coffee, I've tried taking a walk, I've tried taking a nap. I'm just exhausted. Headache, lightheaded, aching arms. I'm done. I can't think clearly, I can't even force myself to work. My body hurts.

Here's what I accomplished:
Here's what I didn't get done:
I'm sad that it ended up this way. I really am. :(

Still, I've learned some things. I've learned that art-heavy concepts aren't my strong point. I've learned that the "code painting" idea is something that I have over-though. I've learned that I can't force myself to work non-stop without hitting a wall. I've learned that a lot can go wrong in a week.

I've also learned to not waste time during a compo! I wasted so much time on days 4 and 5 that this was almost inevitable. That's embarrassing, and I won't do it again.

So... I'll see you folks in the ratings. Please be gentle, I know my game is incomplete and missing major features, but I tried. It does have the theme, though...

Peace, love, and refusing the Pyrrhic victory,

--- Akake

A "Pyrrhic victory" is when you succeed but lost so much that you might as well have failed.
If I were to continue, I wouldn't gain much in this length of time and I'd just be even more tired. Hence, it would have been a "Pyrrhic victory" for me.

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You have earned experience and knowledge. You don't has lost the time. Take care.
Hey, I'm really glad you got something done. :)

Your Readme is a little inaccurate. It says to use the mouse for... something? And doesn't mention the arrow keys. I know I should have thought to try the arrow keys, but I was too busy trying the mouse. It might be worth uploading a version with a patched Readme. Just a thought!
Persevere with you will be able to accomplish more and more :)
* with time