Beginning of Day Three - Anxiety and Low Hopes

So, after looking through the godawful mess I made of my code in the last couple of days (yay coding while depressed!), I need to take what little I had gotten done and start over. The problem I'm facing is that when I try to get down to coding, I feel a really intense anxiety and have difficulty getting anything done.

I know I just have to soldier through it, but it's hard to do anything right now. I keep having these flooding thoughts of self-doubt and it gets hard to think about anything else. I hate this feeling.

I hate this fact, but I'm beginning to wonder why I wanted to do this in the first place. I'm anxious, tired, and depressed. I can't sit down to code because I freeze up and my hands start shaking, I can't think about my idea because my head gets flooded with anxiety and really awful thoughts, I can't really do anything right now.

I am extremely unlikely to finish this game. I'm sorry. :(

--- Akake

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Shrink your game idea, lower your graphical quality standards, or something that lifts the weight off your project then. It's better to play a simple, complete game than an incomplete proof-of-concept of something complex.
First of all, relax. shundread has reason. Design your game in paper. When you see that you are stuck while coding then again take a paper and a pen and do a resume that you did and what is the next thing that you will do.
I hope that this helps you. And cheer up :).