Day 3 - I got blobby appendages

The graphics are coming along nicely, although I'm going to have to work real hard on the gameplay to do them justice. The best part is, I still have an empty data directory, because the graphics are all procedurally generated, yay! Just goes to show that there's no problem that can't be solved with a few thousand calls to

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i love it
That's coming along really nicely! :-)
O_o god!! We are waiting to see this game in movement.
I hope you're not disappointed. There's not going to be a ton of movement in the game. :)
Whou, I really like where this is going.
Amazingly interesting art style! Looks like something made out of pipe cleaners and paper mache. I'm expecting to see stop-motion animation now, and Zebedee bouncing onto the screen any moment...
It's not like I can identify anything else, but what are the yellow spots? :) Looks wonderful!
Yellow spots are decoration. They're supposed to be gross blobby nodules coming off the stalk, like in the right-hand stalk on my concept sketch here:

I've already removed them, though, and I don't know if I'm going to put them back in.
Oh, I know what the screenshot reminds me of!
Yes absolutely! I'm actually thinking of a cross between the Spathi and the Umgah:

The idea of just growing parts wherever you need them is like how the Umgah are obsessed with genetic manipulation and body modifications. Here's how they offer to reward you for saving them from the Talking Pet:

Listen human Earthling! We add some extra eyes! A few tentacles!
Other organs of whatever size and shape you desire!!
What?! You not want more organs?... You sure?... How strange... how sad.
This was best gift.

Sorry, I can't miss a chance to talk about StarCon 2. :)
cyhawk and cosmologicon, you guys are officially my favorite two people here

 I haven't found anyone in college that has even heard of sc2 much less played it. Top 2 favorite game of all time for me.

 Anywho, the appendages look awesome! Keep up the good work.