For anyone whos interested...

I wrote a script that will easily and quickly convert a number of smaller images into one big sprite sheet.
It will also keep transparency, if you have it, intact.

If you are interested email me at
Currently there is no license but it will be in the public domain, after I work on it some more and make it prettier.

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ImageMagick also has a tool for this called montage. You might want to check it out.
Wow, that one is nice. The only problem is that we only want to paste a bunch of images together, not 'prettify' the final image, which montage does. And we want to be able to keep transparency.
Thanks anyway pekuja! Maybe I'll check it out after the compo.
I've used montage for this sort of thing before. You can bend it to your will, it just takes a lot of magic cmdline arguments.
So ours is simpler for the simple stuff, right? If not then I'll have our artist switch.
Thanks for the replies.