We went a little crazy in IRC and had a 2-person 1-hour game dev competition.

Apr 12 08:40:23 <Unnheulu>  Who wants to do an hour programming challenge
Apr 12 08:40:31 <Unnheulu>  To make a game in an hour ;)
Apr 12 08:42:12 <ReekenX>   It's impossible :D
Apr 12 08:42:15 <superjoe>  Unnheulu, ok you're on. it starts at the 50 minute mark (in 8 minutes)
Apr 12 08:42:22 <Unnheulu>  Sure thing

Apr 12 08:50:18 <superjoe>  Unnheulu, readysetgo
Apr 12 08:50:18 <Unnheulu>  Let the challenge begin :)


Apr 12 09:38:32 <superjoe>  I'm done
Apr 12 09:44:11 <superjoe>  aw man, bad bug
Apr 12 09:45:12 <Unnheulu>  Pretty much done
Apr 12 09:45:20 <Unnheulu>  Just need menu/game over, but that's not critical
Apr 12 09:45:35 <superjoe>  fixed: http://www.superjoesoftware.com/temp/hour-game-2.tar.gz
Apr 12 09:50:45 <Membury>   1722!
Apr 12 09:51:06 <Unnheulu>  jonespenarth.me.uk/~ieuan/space_bombers.tar.gz
Apr 12 09:51:22 <Unnheulu>  Pretty simplistic...embarrassingly so, but meh
Apr 12 09:51:35 <superjoe>  we both have a ship.png
Apr 12 09:51:43 <Unnheulu>  :-D
Apr 12 09:52:39 <Membury>   http://www.chard.ath.cx/~richard/files/1722.png
Apr 12 09:52:44 <Membury>   Quite hectic by that point.

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I came to it late! But in 58 minutes and 2 for packaging I made this:

Well... beats my Pyweek game
nice man.. this is really cool :)   
awesome job anyone interested in doing another one, im interested in one where the game idea is discussed beforehand and then everyone makes the same game (individually)
I'll do one if I'm free at that moment!
me too!
how does 4:00 Sydney time sound how does that fit in with other peoples time zones
works for me - that's 11pm here.
awesome see you then
I would love to participate. 
My entry: http://mauveweb.co.uk/misc/hourgame.tar.gz
Here's the 30-minute game I made: http://christophernight.net/stuff/camel.py

I decided to give myself a theme, so I went to this website, which gives you five random words:
My rule was, the clock starts ticking when you load the page, and you can choose any of the five words you want. My five theme candidates were "swimming pool", "word", "down light", "bench", and "camel". I decided to go with "camel" for my theme.

I also wanted to restrict myself to 2kb for the source, but that turned out to not even be close to an issue. Well, enjoy!
I got 59 but I don't really have a technique, I just kinda hold right and watch the pretty landscape go by.
There is actually a technique to get higher - I got up to 71 - but it's not that interesting. I think with some tweaking I could have made the game more of a challenge. As it is, I had about 45 seconds for playtesting, so take it for what it's worth. :)
So, I wanted to see how many features I could cram into 1024 bytes. I modified my "camel" game and came up with this:

Features beyond the original version include:
  • Cooler-looking snowcaps
  • Dynamic background that depends on your position
  • Parallaxing background
  • Sound effects that change dynamically with your speed

(The landscape, snowcap effect, background, and sound effects are all, of course, procedurally generated.) I think that's pretty good. I know a lot of people think that code golf is an exercise in dumb, but I still had fun with it. :)

My high score in the new version is 2344, by the way.