Thread: Ideas you had for the other themes

This is in no way an attempt to waste your time XD.

So what game ideas did you guys have for Sausage King, Fry Cook, Warm and Soft, and Mortuary?

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As for me, I came up with an idea for all except the Mortuary.

For Warm and Soft, I thought of Comfort Pet. Basically you would take care of this cuddly pet which has meters for happiness, comfort, sleepiness, hunger, and love; and they all effect each other. The point would be to fill the love meter as quickly as possible. Using comfort points produced by your pet (depending on how comfortable it is), you can buy stuff to keep making it happy/full/comfortable/loved. This was sorta inspired by Plants Vs. Zombies

For Sausage King, it was Meat Dueling. You would start out as a Chicken Knight and fight your way up the British monarchy all the way to Sausage King before dueling the unbeatable Meat Emperor. The battle system involves typing letters that appear on the screen to parry and clicking circles on the screen to attack.

For Fry Cook, it was Keyboard Fry Cook. You would process orders by putting food items on a keyboard shaped grill and depending on the item, you would have to do something specific with the key (like double tap, shift-key, hold down, etc).
This time around we did have some really decent ideas for most of the themes, and we will keep most of these ideas around for future games we will program beside PyWeek (yeah, sure).

We didn't have anything good for Mortuary (except stuff like a shady "Mafia-Mortuary-Tycoon", take over the business of your family and kick the other Mafia-Mortuary Families out of town by outperforming their revenue - shady as in "enigneer accidents to increase costumer-rate" etc. - we didn't really like that XD).

Fry Cook on Venus: Something like Stick RPG. You finally wanted to make your dream come true and live the Venusian Dream of going to the Venus colony with just a bit of cash (what remained after paying the flight from Earth) and trying to get rich and live the life of your dreams. You start as a fry cook at McSpaceFood and from there start working you way up in various jobs, going to school/university/gym to increase your stats, buy furniture for your home or a complete new home alltogether, etc.

Sausage King: This would have been a cross-over of The Sims Medieval and Princess Maker. A Universe where meat, fish and vegetables are your everyday people (Steak-Soldier, Potato-Farmer, etc.); you are King Sausage - self proclaimed and ignored by all, your "Castle" is just a shady hut deep in the forest. Time to prove all others that you are indeed the true King of Meat-Land, or over the whole Planet itself. Gather resources, build and upgrade buildings in your kingdom, lure other edibles to join your kingdom as farmer, soldier, woodworker, alchemists, etc.; build diplomatic relations with neighboring kingdoms and in the end prove that you are worthy of "kingdomship".

Warm & Soft: Adventure - You are technician on the SpaceShip Capricorn were strange things are starting to happen... (We tossed this idea and story around for some years now and we really wanted to create a game for this story, as such, no spoilers here as this game is most likely to be created "soon" XD)

Nine Times: Originally we had an idea of an Jump & Run where an old cat retells some of his greatest adventures to a younger kitten. Sadly, the old cat lost 1 of his 9 lifes in each of these adventures and you are supposed to find out how it happened. - this was our second-least-favourite-theme - as usual always the least or second-least favourite will be chosen among the candidates every PyWeek (are you counting those votes correctly, Richard? You know, 1 being the most favourite? ^^).
We scrapped this idea and instead are now making another Jump & Run to an idea that we tossed around since we completed our first Pyggy entry (the idea originated from the ending music of that game which sounded quite ninja-like)
Quote (Zahmekoses):
> no spoilers here as this game is most likely to be created "soon" XD

Yeeah.. sure... ^^

There's.... one or two ideas in there.
I was hoping for Warm and Soft so I could finally implement Battleship Down[1], but no luck. :-(

[1] An RTS with rabbits.
For A Fry Cook On Venus:
You're a small start-up business on Venus, serving up burgers to the aliens there. However, earthly supplies are hard to come by on Venus, so occasionally you have to go search for them. I was thinking this could be a platformer or a strategy game, depending on what I felt like playing at the time.

For Sausage King:
All sausages have been banned by the general public once they find out what they're made of.
You, the Sausage King, have to return the love of sausages to the people, or you'll go bankrupt!

For Warm and Soft:
Absolutely no ideas.

For Coughlin Brothers Mortuary:
Didn't really have an idea, but I thought this could be some sort of criminal-based game, where you have to be on the wrong side of the law. I think most people had this sort of idea. :)
Cosmologicon, I lol'd so hard at your drawing of Abe Froman. You put a lot of work into ideas before the theme came out. It's a shame the one that got picked you weren't really ready for...
I wrote it on another post because I missed yours :P

Anyway, for the themes:
  • For "A fry cook on Venus", I decided to approach it as "Admiral Fry Cook on Venus", and it would have been a shooter in which you must stay in the boundary between day and night - day would be too hot, and your ship would take damage, and night would be too cold, making you slow (or even stopping your ship, until the sun comes up and un-freezes you)
  • For "Coughlin Brother's Mortuary", I finally decided to make a double game: on the top part, you'd have to convince people to deliver their dead relatives to you (adjusting prices and so on). Each coffin would increase your wood and meat (?!) amount, which you could use to create furniture and hamburgers (?!!) in the restaurant on the bottom part. Bonus idea: the soft drinks would have been called "Soylent Green"
  • For "Warm and Soft", I wanted to make a factory - basically, you'd have to locate the operator in the right place of a production line, and press one of many buttons to assemble teddy bears - failing to do it on time or pressing the wrong button would result in broken and/or monstrous teddy bears
  • For "Sausage King" I wanted to make a game in which you are a spy for a rival restaurant, and your work would be to sabotage the place, serving not enough clients to make a profit, but enough to remain employed. Tricky, I know.
  • Finally, I hope I can show everyone the idea for "9 times" (let's keep a little surprise here), but I'll give you a hint: so far, it's going to be about a newspaper, located in the city of Nine (making it "The Nine Times", see?)
Thanks, the team really got into a couple of the themes, but yes it was our weakest theme that got chosen. That seems to happen to me a lot.