Practice game: Fort Izembo

Our team has been working on a practice game over the past few weeks. We didn't get to add everything that we wanted, including:
  • Animations to show the character swinging/firing a weapon (we trace out the area of effect, so use your imagination)
  • Separate sprites for the monsters (right now they're just palette-swapped versions of the main character)
  • Line of sight (you can shoot through walls and monsters can see through walls)
  • Health packs and ammo pickups (instead you refill at the end of every level)
  • Bosses
  • A sprite for the NPC
  • A new tileset (we reused an old one)
  • More sound effects
  • Cutscenes

But it's still totally playable, and has a couple fun features. Enjoy!

Download Fort Izembo

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Great to see you in a team, Cosmologicon. Whatever you guys create, I'm definitely looking forward to it. :)
It's definitely an experiment....

I'm glad we did the practice game. We learned a little about making a game together, but most importantly we took care of a ton of logistical issues before pyweek started! Lots of respect for any team that actually manages to finish! :)
Wow, that's quite some team you've compiled there too :-)