I'm done

I just uploaded final version of the game.
I'm not going to add anything else, even if my note is full of additional amazing features.
I'm pretty proud of my work so tomorrow I'll just relax looking around and enjoying other entries.
Today I added music and sound, but then I found sounds very annoying so I left only the background loop noise. Then I spent most of the day in fixing a bug (damn trigonometry!) but finally it works.

Hope you'll have fun in playing my game.
Please leave a feedback. I'm very curious to read them.

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Hey just so you know, I'm on Linux, and I ran into some file path issues. I had to replace some lines with things like this to remove the backslashes:

tinyFont = pygame.font.Font(data.filepath(os.path.join("..", "data", "kidsn.ttf")), 8)
Thank you so much, I just fixed it.