Not working out; rebooting

So my original idea won't work out for a few different reasons. One reason is that I can't come up with a good story for it in time, and this idea requires a good story. It might also require too many graphics that I don't have time to draw. It also bothers me slightly that the connection to the theme was lost and putting it back makes it feel tacked on (although this is a secondary reason). The main point is that I just don't see it working until Saturday, so it's best to change the path while I can.

Anyway, I'm back to square one and uninspired. Thought of some other ideas but none of them particularly interests me. Thinking of making something a bit more "traditional", in the line of my simple "backup" games from my Pyweeks 7 and 8. At least it works, right?

Maybe next Pyweek I'll go for something more interesting, but this week I'm feeling too uninspired for that. At least I'm not making this decision Friday as I usually do. :P Hopefully I'll have some interesting idea to add to it in the next few days, but I should start implementing a new idea as soon as possible. I already have a simple idea that might be fun, although I admit I'm not as excited as I wish.

(Sorry for those expecting me to aim high and crash and burn as I said I would. :) )