Doctor How Caught in Chaos Pool!

You will assume the role of Doctor How Inhell, an unfamous alcoholic scientist.

One stormy monday, while he was playing Billiard with some friends something strange happened... He had been caught into a chaotic ray shoot by Professor Lyapunov, an unknown mad pseudoscientist, and sent to a strange interdimensionless place called Chaos Pool (somewhere not so far from this universe).

During his epic adventure he will have to understand the chaotic behaviour of several billiard shapes, and adapt his play skills... only empirical knowledge, luck and you will save him from an uncertain destiny...

Do not try to integrate them.

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awesome :-)
I especially like the word "interdimensionless". What could it possibly mean?? :)
In between dimensionlessnesses?
That's a good question Cosmologicon. Tell me if you guess XP