Starting point

I usually start my Pyweeks having trouble to find a decent idea, but this time I might have something. Unfortunately, I think I have distanced a bit from the theme and I'm not sure how to integrate it back to the game without making it feel like it was tacked in. I mean, the idea has to do with the theme, but it's not very clear. I hope you don't mind much.

Anyway, this time I'm going down a different road. I usually like to play around with mechanics, but, if I don't change my mind as I have done a few times before, this time I'm making a game focused on story. And, well, I have no skill in designing good stories. So watch me crash and burn. :)

As usual, don't expect something traditional from me. :)

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Are you kidding?!

Unless the theme is in your game plastic-wrapped and labeled "THIS IS THE THEME" you will get down-voted. No impressionistic or interpretive implementations please!

That is all.
Just go for it. You still have a whole week to figure out a more obvious way to integrate the theme with your idea. ;)
If you make a bad game that matches the theme well, you wont do well. If you make a great game that doesn't match the theme well, you might not do well in the voting, but you still end up with a great game. The latter is thus more preferable than the former.