Our intrepid hero

Well, I wanted to upload something on the first night, so here it is. I didn't want to make the same mistake I've made in the past, of using placeholder art for the main character and only replacing it at the last minute. So, I started with the main character this time. Also, I have no idea where I'm going with this game, so killing a couple hours with Gimp seemed like the way to go.

As you can tell, this is going to be a highly intense, thrilling, action-packed game!

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That, my friend, looks like the beginnings of a highly intense, thrilling, action-packed game.
Isn't it already? I like the main character, he looks promising.
Updated version, now with catching (space bar)!

I recently saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which was a lot of fun, and I think the game direction might be influenced by that. :)
Will there be tentacles also? I love the nerd.