It's plate-spinning time!

Just *slightly* past the deadline (13 hours or so).  The point is, it's here now, right? :-)

Why is the palm-tree in the road?  It's a triffid.  Or a bug.  I only just noticed it.

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It looks great, but it keeps segfaulting on me after a few seconds of gameplay :(

I'm not sure how to debug that.
Yeah, I removed sound from my game due to segfaults I was experiencing. I'd suggest that's the first thing to try.
ah yea, that's done it (seems it's openal killing things).  I tweaked it to use the alsa driver, but that only gave me about half a second of sound at the beginning before it cut out.  Didn't crash though so that's better.  Too bad, the sounds I did hear when using openal were quite nice.
err, well I got further that way before segfaulting again.  then I tried
pyglet.options['audio'] = ('silent')
but that just crashes, so I'm curious, how did you remove sound ?
You can also use PYGLET_AUDIO=silent environment variable.