The Climbing of Wobbly Trees

I'm sort of pleased with today's progress, having taken a tangent faffing around with background trees that I just don't need; my background looks great in my Inkscape mock-up and it would be simpler and run faster just to drop it as a texture into the game.

I also spent quite a bit of time trying to find some koto and shakuhachi music with a public domain or Creative Commons license. Not much luck, unfortunately. I found a few references to albums that are in the public domain, but I can't find the albums. At the moment all I have is a piece of Honkyoku music from Wikimedia Commons, which is in the right ballpark but doesn't convey the right atmosphere.

Anyway I kept plugging away and wobbly trees and the beginnings of some climbing mechanics also landed. The static screenshots look better than the in-game graphics feel - the animations are clunky. I need to generate a few different tweens between my animation frames. If there's time, of course.

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I really like where this is going, crouching tiger style. 
Nice idea..

About finding CC music to fit this game - have you looked at I found some atmospheric music there. <- that was the URL, sorry.
I looked at Jamendo but couldn't find anything vaguely suitable.
Working with a musician has its advantages. :)