Anticipation burns like CURRY

Can't wait! This will take my mind off of the 11 hour work-days! At least it did for the pygame.draw competition :)

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Yeah. As always, I want the challenge to be on already :)

Ah well, the wait gives me a chance to learn about loading .obj files and UV mapping them...

If you find a decent texture editor that works in linux, let me know. I use wings3d for modelling the geometry, but I can't get the hang of its texture stuff.
My allergies to curry makes this contest burn SO MUCH MORE. but yeah, I'm very excited to get this thing rolling and see what kind of themes we have to pick from.
Simon - you've found the UV mapping in Wings, yes? If that's the case then you should be able to just use the Gimp to texture.

I'm learning the Wings/OBJ ropes at the moment, with the intention of having a PyOpenGL "preview" viewer which will load up an obj and a texture (and detect changes to it on disk and reload it). Just figured out Wings, and the OBJ loading and will look at the texturing part today.

Hey, look, Wings can do texture preview for me :)

The trick is to create your UV map then bring up Window -> Outliner, RMB on the diffuse texture and choose Make External. Choose BMP, TGA or TIF and hit OK. Then load up the Gimp and edit. Go back into the Outliner and Refresh the texture to see it in Wings.

There y'are Simon, I've updated the OBJ loader wiki entry to do mtl files (just the basics) and textures :)
haha thats great! I'm working on some QGL docs, maybe we can collaborate on a Wings3d UV -> OpenGL tutorial? :-)
sure, though I am planning on doing some of this in my presentation at OSDC in December :)
I am making an openGL lib too (myGL for my gaming library) - but not for pyweek - maybe we could all calibrate? Mine can do Alpha and Muti Textures – convert UV mapped 3ds files into py3d (my format) then draw them as soft shade or hard shade … for loading obj files look at blender’s import scripts for .obj they are written in python! I Right now working on the in game GUI… Plans to incorporate pyODE for physics and Twisted for networking
Treeform - perhaps you could consider neatly fragmenting your library. That way the people who want model loading don't have to install Twisted. Those who want a network layer don't have to install PyODE (which can be a right pain).
Good point! But I think most of the "pain" is in the integration of the libraries. So far models and textures and the gui can be used completely “alone” as it is openGL. Installing pyODE is a pain? Maybe I should not use it but stick with my own “simple” more of navigation then a physics engine.
PyODE is definitely worth it, but it can be very difficult to install for some people.

I'd hate to see another monolithic library like cgkit where, in order to get basic vector / matrix data types you have to also take Renderman support and other stuff you're (potentially) never going to need.

Another somewhat-related point is that (in my view) if you are required to split up your monolithic library into separate discrete components then you're more likely to be encouraged to think about their API design and documentation. It's easy to build a single monolithic pile of spaghetti. It's better for others to build a set of nice modules.

Here's a great post by Ian Bicking on "Why Small Packages Matter"