Is 'Feather of scale' a Die-Hard Game ?

Dear Everyone:

Are you finished 'Feather of scale' ?
I haven't finished it. but I enjoy to write it.

P.S. Is it a 'Die-Hard-Game' ?

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I have succeded with 3 blocks on the left!
There's a display bug that makes the game very confusing if the weight difference is 20 or more. You can fix it by changing the big if/elif block in to add the following:

      elif abs(self.side_left_right_weight_diff) < 20:
        self.balance_num = "15+"
        self.balance_num = "20+"
Dear jerith:

I am sorry. 'feather of scale' is still have bug in pyweek9.
You can download here for bug fixed version.

Dear cyhawk:

Great !!