Howto play "Feather of Scale"

Dear All:

In the first question in my game, please answer int 1 to 6.
I am sorry has not info about this in my game doc.

If you don't like plain text game. please me know.

P.S. Please give me some comment.

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I can't quite figure it out. The numbers don't look right to me. Here's one example:

H:22 4:(l: a b c d e  ) > 6+ > (r: f g  ) (n:  ) P:0 T:143
U: r:dfg
H:23 4:(l: a b c e  ) > 10+ > (r: d f g  ) (n:  ) P:0 T:138

It looks like a+b+c+d+e is 6 more than f+g, but a+b+c+e is 10 more than d+f+g. How can that be? Is there something strange about these weights? Or do I not understand the output?

The game crashes when I enter 5 or 6 for the first question but 1 to 4 works ok.

It was a little tricky to figure out the rules and I didn't win (yet), but it's very interesting. I'll play until I win at least once! XD

Dear Cosmologicon:

Thank of your comment. maybe this is a bug for me game.
I will find it if I can, then debug it.