Day 5 : Look At Our Amazing Tree

Hi everybody!

Good progress again, our platform puzzles are coming together, our game looks better. Just starting to hit framerate issues but we haven't chunked the map yet so we'll see if that remains a problem after that. I took a screenshot of the tree in the main courtyard again but blown up to 200000 branches (instead of 2000). Its worth seeing:

Awesome tree!

The 30.11 fps there is not representative of our current performance naturally. Although, as I say, we will be looking in to optimising that.

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200.000 branches at 30 FPS sounds pretty good.
how many vertices are you rendering ?
30..11 on which display board?
if everything on that tree are vectors, it seems to scare a bit... :/
Love the fractal tree! Hoping you get to keep a decent number of iterations in :)

One thing I'll suggest, if it doesn't break your aesthetic, is to randomly trim branches. This may allow you to iterate further on others.

Looking forward to it!
Geez, ignore my "advice" since on a second viewing I can see you're clearly already being sensible. You should totally have "sensible" in your team name or something ;)
It's... it's beautiful
It looks amazing *¬* really.

Though it probably won't run on my PC as I don't have a 3d graphics board... but probably I can snatch my bro's PC fufufu XD

Either way I'm looking forward to see this :D
yes, the tree looks beautiful, but i don't know if it needs the last  and featuredful nVidia for running this fine