Richard: site idea for pyweek3

For PyWeek 3.0, would it be possible to append the team's/entry's name to the final zip filename automatically? :) Would make the judging work tons easier.

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Yes, it looks like everyone ignored my pleas for sensible filenames :)

Next time, I think I'll only distribute the games via bittorrent'ed tar.gz file of all entries. Then I can include a directory structure.

Hey, that would be really nifty. Is there any reason it couldn't be done for this crop? I've only downloaded a few so far..
I'm downloading them all now.. when the download finishes, if no-one beats me to it, I will try to create a torrent containing them all (with a sensible directory structure and links to the judging pages). Will also post MD5 hashes to prove that the files have not been tampered with.
@richard: you kinda forget about the naming when there's less than 5 minutes left to upload your entry. ;)
I'm trying to figure how to create a torrent at the moment. It's all a bit confusticating.
Another thing that may be useful, is a list of all entries, with a screenshot and the evaluate options in one big page.
Also, you could highlight the entries that you have not yet evaluated.
yes, im lazy.
lucio - the sidebar will highlight entries you've rated, but I do intend a One Big Page eventually, yes.