Thank you, answers and images

Ah another PyWeek over and done with. Each PyWeek Alex and I try and create a different type of game play! ...Or something.
Big thanks to everyone who played and liked our game. Alex and I are happy that everyone liked our Art and music. We're sorry that the game was so short, but we did mention that leaving home was designed to be made in a day.
Sorry to those who found it too hard and confusing, although I'm glad that somehow you still enjoyed the game.

To that one person and any one else who wonders how the whole "Get off my lawn" theme is part of leaving home the story we came up is that you play as a character with agoraphobia, who is unable to leave her own home grounds, including her front lawn, so the goal of the game is to solve puzzles to make it easier to get out the front door, off the lawn and onto the streets beyond the fence. (Get it now? =D)

Congrats to the winners! And everyone who entered. Now it's time to go back to our daily lives.

On a final note, like in kite story I threw in some items from our past entries.

The kite you should all know from Kite story and on the bookshelf is the heart box you needed to collect in Make Me.

Cheers and see you all in 6 (or so) months.

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I recognized the kite but I haven't played Make Me, so looking at the above image I thought it was a companion cube :).

I think the sentence at the start of the game ("I've got to get out of here.") does not do a good job of placing the player in the game world and explaining the situation. It sounds more like we are being held against our will and trying to escape. Instead something like "My name is Sue. I am scared of going outside." or even explicitly mentioning agoraphobia might have made things clearer.

Of course the feeling of uncertainty is what forces the players to start up their brains and try to interpret what they just experienced, and this is what differenciates this game from a bland hidden object game. So maybe it is good as it is!

Ah! I wouldn't have thought of agoraphobia if you hadn't said it. Now it makes much more sense. :)