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My game seems to segfault Python on a number of people's computers. Can you please post here if it does or does not work on yours with your architecture, video card, operating system, python, pygame and pyopengl versions. I need an idea of where to look and I'm hoping a pattern will show.

It works fine here, the game is really nice!

Linux Debian stable (Sarge), default python2.3+pygame(1.6)+pyopeng( install from binary packages. XF86v4, Nvidia Fx5200 video card with nvidia drivers.

Works great WinXp ... 1.8Ghz Radeon x600 python 2.4 and all the new stuff.
We found that glFreeTexture would segfault on random machines. Erik and I both have an AMD, both have a 6600GT, both have the exact same versions of python, pygame, pyopengl. His segfaults and mine doesn't. We chalked it up to a bug not in our code but somewhere else in the land of mystery.
That's a relief! A had a sinking feeling that I'd managed to develop a game that ran on *only* my computer! I'm hoping to spend some time on a university computer that shows the segfault, and track it down (I'm not using glFreeTexture, but perhaps another less-common GL call is the culprit).
Well, now that you say.. I had to remove the glDeleteTexures command in my texture loader class's destructor, because on my linux it was all right, but on my roommate's computer (WinXP, Amd Duron 800, TNT2) it also did segfault..
alex: the game runs fine on my OS X laptop and my Ubuntu desktop. It's a great game!
Works fine in XP Tablet PC Edition on a ULV 1Ghz Pentium M with Intel 82855 integrated graphics card, running the latest versions of Python, PyOpenGL, PyGame etc.