That was a fun PyWeek! Far less stressful than usual, probably due to us planning a project we knew we could get done in a day, rather than going for something ambitious and week-long. Still managed to get sick though -- happens every PyWeek without fail.

We got a couple of friends to play-test the game when it was nearly finished, so I'm pretty confident it can be finished by anyone with 10 minutes to spend. I might post a walkthrough later though if it turns out it's needed.

I've uploaded Windows and OS X binaries to my personal website; MD5 sums shown below to prove date authenticity.

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The OS X binary linked to above is missing AVbin, so no sound will play. I've uploaded LeavingHome-1.1.dmg, which fixes this problem.
Not working for me. I get a dialog that pops up that says "Leaving Home Fail" file run_game.py, line 1177, ContextException: unable to share contexts. Vista, I get the error running the source and windows releases.
Sorry to hear that saluk; it's a well-known (well, to me at least..) limitation of pyglet that prevents it from working on certain older video cards.
My video card is only a year old! I can run far cry 2 pretty well... And this is the only game on which I have seen that error, although I have had unrelated pyglet errors on many other games.