Throwing in the towel (kind of)

Like I wrote in previous posts, I won't be able to put gameplay in my game. There's still too much to do; I'm quite sure I can't put gameplay in today. So I've decided to give up on this game. Sorry, I have to know when to acknowledge defeat. :(

I'm taking the same route I took last Pyweek and will write a simple game in the next few hours, mostly because I want to be able to judge the games.

I feel like I failed, because there's so much I did (especially on the art side) and I'm not using any of that. Maybe for the Pyggy awards (I hope it's ok to work on a game that I haven't submitted...). So, this is it, now I guess I'll just finish this other game. But this Pyweek is like a DNF for me.

I think I will make a few comments about the haunted mansion game after Pyweek - the plans turned out quite nice, I just failed the execution. Is anyone interested? I won't post the game here because it's a real mess, but if you're interested to see the "game" itself, let me know on IRC after the end of Pyweek; I'd be happy to show you.

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Aww... That's too bad...

I look forward to whatever you come up with, though!

Hey, I know what it feels like to not finish in time, believe me! ;-)
Thanks. By the way, to make up for my fail, my simple game will have zombies. :P