Night of day 5 - Zero gameplay

I really messed up this time.

I have no gameplay so far because I've been constantly working on art. I was too ambitious with the game. The game is somewhat graphics-heavy, and I went with the pixel art route. I have some art, and it's looking quite nice for my standards. But making art is taking too much time, and I have barely touched the code.

I'm not sure you'll see a completed game from me. I can't even disguise it because there's a lot to do for the core of the game and most of the things to cut are quite important to the gameplay. But I'll do whatever I can to at least submit a half game. (If only the theme were "half sovereign", maybe I could've gotten away with this... :P "Get off my half lawn!")

I'm not making a new game because I really like where this idea took me (I think the game design ended up quite nice, too, but I'm not sure you'll get to see the whole of it), and I at least want to show it to you guys, even if it doesn't come with a complete game (which means low ratings, but I'm more after the comments). Wish me luck.

Oh, and I might as well tell the core idea now. Not coming with a screenshot, unfortunately. It's quite simple, actually: you control a haunted mansion and you have to spook families and investigators out of your "lawn". The gameplay is strategy and resource management (yes, you need resources to do your spooky things). I'll leave the details for later.

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that sounds like quite a fun game :) - there was a game on the mega-drive with a similar idea and that was lots of fun.
You know you can always complete the game next week :).
I feel your pain, we're also quite graphics heavy. Its a good thing we're a team doing this, I feel we'll be cutting this one really close. I quite like your idea for the game! There's always the pyggies to complete the game, it would be cool to see the core of your game idea in action.
gordallott: Yes, I've played that game a long time ago and I remember I liked it. I was going to mention it, but I thought no one would know it. :P The only thing my game has in common with that game is that you have to scare people in a house. The difference is that mine is strategy-oriented and has a much darker/horror feel (The Haunting was more towards funny and sort of action, if I remember correctly). (One of the things that inspired me to do this game is the rarity of horror games in Pyweeks (pure horror, not funny horror)...)

cyhawk: Yes, but if I finish the game this week, I'll get many more comments. :) Knowing people will play my game and comment on it is highly motivating for me.

ZeroByte: Yes, depending on the results, I might join the pyggy awards this time.
Nice idea Tee! Reminds me of Monster House, which was probably the first thing I thought of when I saw this theme, but it didn't produce any ideas of that vein for me. Even if there is little gameplay, it will be cool to see the art!