Mid-Day Day Five -- I've Rallied!

Anyone who's checked the #Pyweek twitters should know by now that things are looking up for me.

So far, I have a ninja that runs around, jumps, swings her sword, throws shurikens, and can wall-jump!

I'm very excited, and I think I can pull this off! :-D

I'm going to be working on a camera next, and then terrain.
Enemies shouldn't be too far behind. All I have to do is make the sword-swinging do damage and probably tweak the (very simple) AI I tossed together a while ago.

I'll get to making the player move between levels tomorrow. This is so exciting!

I don't want to plan too farr ahead, but I feel really optimistic. I may even put in a final boss! 8-D

/me smiles
I'm glad I took everyone's advice and started small and simple. This has been a great day! :-D

Anyway, once I get the terrain system working, I'll upload a demo. ^_^

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Brilliant stuff, can't wait to see it! It helps to keep it playable as you iterate your design, that way it remains fun to test and develop. :-)
Good job!